Can-Am Farms is a family farm, run by Oliver & Shauna Aeschlimann. We have been farming all our lives and farming organically since 2006. We work hard to produce a quality organic product for a reasonable price.

About Products & Animals

We have 2,800 brown Isa Chickens that are NOFA -NY certified organic, they have access to outdoor pasture. We produce soy-free eggs year round. Our chickens are fed corn, canola and sunflower meal, alfalfa pellets and kelp, all of which are GMO free and organic certified. The chickens also have the choice to forage in pasture when weather permits. 

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  1. Minimum order of $6 and 1.0 lbs
  2. Will ship items up to 500.0 miles away
  3. Will deliver locally up to 25 miles away with a minimum fee of $1.50
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